Component Seals

Chesterton’s component seal range offers replaceable, low-cost sealing options, while providing quality and reliability. Designed to fit DIN, ISO and ANSI-type pumps along with other popular pumps, these seals eliminate pump, shaft sleeve wear and have a self-aligning capability. All wearing parts, seal faces, O-rings, screws and springs are easily replaced at low cost. From our Leeds Head Office, William G. Search can help your company install these seals optimally for reliable, long-term performance.

AT A GLANCE - Component Seals

Chesterton 891 Rotary Inside Single Seal View
Chesterton 491 DIN Rotary Internal Single Seal View
Chesterton Self-Aligning Stationary Seal (SAS) View
Chesterton 440/440M External Single Component Seal View
Chsterton RBS Single Component Seal View
Chesterton 1210 Component Dual Seal View
Chesterton 886HT High-Temperature Metal Bellows Single Seal View


Need technical information on Component Seals or need some advice on what Component Seal to use? Please ask our experts today.

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