This exclusive, Defra approved, environmental controller improves the environment in which our sealing solution operates.

Combine a Chesterton sealing arrangement with an Enviroseal SpiralTrac™ and experience maximum uptime with minimum flush usage. Our Technical Specialists can now offer an unmatched sealing solution combining the high reliability of Chesterton seals or packing with the enhanced stuffing box environment created by the SpiralTrac™. Used with a small flush or no flush at all in some applications. Combining global solutions with local service, lowering your total operational costs and increasing plant reliability.

Seals & Packing Contact

  •    Leeds 0113 263 9081
  •    Email info@wgsearch.co.uk



Latest News

New training course relating to the Installation, repair, extraction, and maintenance of Mechanical Seals is now available in Nottingham. If you are interested in joining us please call Karen on 0113 263 9081.

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