Speciality Equipment

Chesterton has developed a wide variety of packing products designed for specific and often demanding applications and service conditions. By addressing specific issues in the design and manufacturing of these packings William G. Search are able to offer product solutions to achieve the performance requirements. ​

AT A GLANCE - Speciality Equipment

Chesterton 370 Heat-Dissipating Packing View
Chesterton 1765 White ePTFE Chemical Packing View
Chesterton 1730SC Silicone Core Packing View
Chesterton 1740 Interbraid Packing View
Chesterton 1725A Food Process Packing View
Chesterton 425 Food Process Packing View
Chesterton 477-1T Carbon/PTFE Packing View
Chesterton 329 Stern-Lon Flax Marine Packing View


Need technical information on Speciality Equipment or need some advice on what Speciality Equipment to use? Please ask our experts today.

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